Wedding Albums


Let’s start off by addressing the elephant in the room: wedding albums are expensive. Yep just like Stella Artois used to say they are “reassuringly expensive”. 

But, here’s the heart of the matter: wedding albums are meant to be around for many decades, not years.

So why should you get a wedding album from your photographer?

1. Life takes over and you will not get around to doing it.

Putting a wedding album together can be quite a hefty job. First, you have to find a good album printing company, then select the photos, resize the images, upload the photos and put them in order page by page. We will complete all this hard work for you. All you have to do is select your favourite images and review the album proof

2. Technology moves fast.

If you wish to share your wedding photos with you grandchildren someday then you are going to need a wedding album. As long as you properly store your wedding album it will last for over 100 years.

 The issue with only having digital copies of your wedding photographs is that they are either kept on a flash drive or uploaded to a file-hosting website. This can be a huge risk as you can easily lose a flash drive (I’ve had people calling me after 10 years saying they have lost their dvd or it won’t load anymore). File-hosting websites are a safer option, but there is still no guarantee that the website will have longevity.

3. Quality, Quality Quality!

Ok this one is the main reason why you should get a wedding album through Focus Photography. I can’t emphasize this enough… quality! You are probably looking at spending a huge chunk of your wedding budget on professional photography, why should you then print your images at a place that will not match the professional images you paid for? When you print (albums, regular print or products) through us, you are ensuring that those beautiful images you downloaded will be printed on a paper with premier quality and colour match. I’m talking about paper and album build quality that will be guaranteed to last at least 100 years!

4. We will optimise your photos and make them best for printing.

The digital images are different from the images needed for high quality printing. Digital images are rendered to be viewed on a backlit screen meaning that they will be less ‘bright’ on paper unless they are optimized for printing. Your digital images will go through various process before they are ready for printing such as colour correction, exposure correction, cropping etc

5. All our packages include a stunning handmade Italian wedding album.

Fortunately for you, ALL our packages come with a bespoke handmade Italian wedding album from the best in the business Graphistudio.

Working with you, I will design your album before we then go through the design together to make it bespoke to your taste. The options available include 4 size options, different paper styles, a huge range of cover options with the back cover able to match your colour theme.